If you’re interested in presenting to ASTA, we’d love to have you!  Even if you think you only know the basics of this modality and don’t have much to contribute, we can ALWAYS learn from others’ ideas and perspectives. 

Please see information below for benefits of presenting and how to apply. 

Why Present for ASTA?

  • ASTA is an organization of helpers who actively seek to expand our knowledge of sandtray therapy. You will have an audience of other professionals who are eager to grow and deepen their knowledge of this modality.
  • You are supplied with miniatures and sandtrays for your audience, if desired.
  • You are compensated $300 for your 3-hour presentation

How to Present for ASTA:

  • Read over the information on APT standards (see below)
  • Complete the Presentation Proposal Form 
  • Send your completed form and any questions to austinsandtray@gmail.com
  • Proposals are competitively selected by the ASTA Board on the basis of the information submitted on your presentation proposal.

APT Standards

In order to be able to offer CEUs for RPTs, ASTA presentations must meet the following criteria:

  • Presentation must be based on 3-5 journal articles published within the past 5 years.
  • The title must contain the term “play therapy” in it. (For example, Basics of Sandtray Play Therapy or How to Use Metaphor in Sandtray and Play Therapy)
  • The term “play therapy” must be used throughout the training description in meaningful ways. (Again, saying “sandtray play therapy” is fine.)
  • There must be a minimum of three objectives (one objective for each hour of presentation):
    • Most of the objectives must contain the words “play therapy” 
    • Objectives must be specific and measurable. Click HERE for examples.

Information for Presenters